UpperCloud Winter Summit 2017

By April 6, 2017CommonGood, Health, Video

Back in February, our team endured the winter storms and made our way to South Lake Tahoe to hit the slopes. Every quarter, we have a team summit, usually two days, in various nature-heavy locations in California (we love nature). These summits enable us to disconnect from work and enjoy the outdoors as well as each other’s company – we refrain from checking our emails on our phones and laptops, we refrain from sending emails, we simply refrain from doing work…or at least we try to.

With work being second nature to us, we’re constantly glued to our laptops, responding to our clients’ needs. In order for us to continue staying motivated and productive, sometimes we just need to disengage and forget about the everyday nuances that work brings. Our winter summit – open to family members and guests – was a way for us to escape from work and open up our minds, hearts, and adventurous spirits.

One of our main focuses is health and wellness – whether it’s through food, exercise, or just simple pleasures. We aim to find a balance between staying healthy while keeping up with the demands of life and work. For the winter summit, our main activity was to go snowboarding. There were four of us total – one advanced snowboarder, one intermediate/advanced snowboarder, and two beginner snowboarders. Although our skill level range varied, we all rode together as a team (on the bunny slopes, of course). That’s the thing with UpperCloud – we’re a team, we don’t leave anyone behind, and we preserver together.

During our time together, we were able to let loose, collaborate on good eats, complain about how sore we were the next day, and ultimately get to know each other better on a personal level. To know a team member outside of the workplace is invaluable; it leads to new discoveries and uncovering hidden talents.

What we bring back and learn about ourselves and our team members from our summits help us strive to create meaningful work for our clients – the way we approach situations, our thought process, our aesthetic. The tight-knit environment created within our team filters into interactions with clients as we consider them a part of our team. These two-day adventures help us dive deeper into understanding our purpose, the company’s purpose, and how we can better ourselves in all aspects of our lives.

Video created and edited by: Erick Lee Cummings