Lunch on Us: Roses in Concrete

By April 6, 2017CommonGood

We have had the honor of working with Roses In Concrete Community School  well before their doors opened in August of 2015. From the moment we met the founder, Dr. Jeffrey Duncan-Andrade and the entire board of directors, we knew in our hearts this place would be magical and transformative, not only for the students and families, but for our team and the community at large.

We have been blessed to document the stories of the students, their hopes and dreams, their passion for community and social justice, and become inspired by their vision for a more just and hopeful world.

As a small token of appreciation for the love we’ve received and the hope that is restored every moment we step on their campus, we wanted to support where we felt we could make an impact.

Late last year, our colleague and collaborator, Heather Quintal from Teaching Excellence Network ( stumbled upon Ashley Ford’s fabulous idea of individuals and organizations reaching out to their neighborhood schools and paying off any unpaid lunch debt for students and families. We were able to raise funds then and we wanted to continue with the effort.

We were inspired and started a GoFundMe page to eliminate the balance that families owe for students at Roses in Concrete. Upon completion on this campaign, we will hand deliver the donated funds to the school at the end of April 2017. Updates will be available on the GoFundMe page.

Check out our campaign page for Roses in Concrete.