This is What it Feels Like Project

By February 26, 2017CommonGood, Video

This Is What It Feels Like is intended to help shift our culture’s patriarchal views on how society treats women and help create and sustain a discourse on the ways that we can simply be better to and for women. This auditory exhibit is intended to be an educational tool to help spark a dialogue amongst men of all ages as to how they can help create and be the change that our society needs in order to stop misogynistic patterns that has become embedded into our culture.

Thank you to: Michelle Delso, John Loose, Ira Skinner, Rob Risucci, John Horton, Dani Fernandez, Adam Pierce, Jess Caragliano, Terrorbird Media family, Lauren Ross, Uppercloud Media, Cameron Boutté, Gary Veirs, Jamie Cardenas, Shawn Carrano, Shaun Burner, Art Street Crew, Samantha Maloney, Xavier Ramos, Bobbie Gale, Sydney Stockus, the Warner Bros. Records family, Kyle Garner, Anthony Giovanni, Giovanni Martinez, Alvaro Rodriguez, Jake Gleason, Joshua Krage, Felix Cital, Daniel Villegas and most of all, the brave women who shared their stories.

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Creator: Terra Lopez

Video directed, edited by: Uppercloud Media

Project management: Kelsie Hastie

Music by: Dani Fernandez